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Well another great weekend of racing for the team would sum it all up. One more win added to the total and one fine driving exhibition if you ask me that took place on Saturday night.

Friday night David returned to Sugar Creek in hopes of erasing the past two weeks from his mind and picking up on where he left off, dominating. During hot laps David got into the wall in turn four, damaging the lower control arm on the front end and giving us little clue as to how we would be in qualifying. Everybody went to work before qualifying in order to get the car back in running condition. We completed the work in time and David took to the track in uncertainty. David turned a quick lap that put him on the pole. That was until Johnny Chastain went out last and stole the pole position.

That would line up the feature with David and Chastain sharing the front row. On the start the duo stayed side by side into turn one, but David was able to hold his grip on the outside and take the lead coming out of turn two. David built up a straightaway lead until a late caution came out. Following the caution David held on to the lead to take his ninth win of the season and his fourth of the year at Sugar Creek Raceway. His first place finish left him only 10 points from taking the points championship.

Saturday night would see many ups and many downs. To start things off, Davidís car was missing really badly during hot laps, which stumped everybody as to what was wrong with the car. After a long period of discussion and looking it was found that the car was out of time. Once again after hot laps we didnít know just how good we were until qualifying. The answer was that we were not at all fast following qualifying, because we only qualified 16th out of 32 cars. Only the top 18 were locked in for the feature, so we barely made the race. As if things couldnít get any worse, Ronnie Johnson went out last with the fastest time put up by anyone being a 13.00. Davidís track record at North Georgia was a 12.86 going into Saturday night. That time would be erased as the track record as Johnson turned laps of 12.87 & 12.85. So here we had lost the track record and qualified very poorly at the one place we shouldnít have.

For the start of the feature David rolled of the start in the 16th position. Prior to the race, David had said that he would be up front at the end. He sure kept his word and drove the car like he never had. For the first 14 laps David began to pick off cars right and left using the extreme low groove of the racetrack. When the first caution came out David had made his way up to 11th. The next set of green flag laps were more than exciting. David made his way around several top cars once again taking his car as low as it would go. Drivers would try to take their cars low into the turns to block David, but David would just put his car lower.

One person that was in turn four in the pits, said that she could have reached out and touched Davidís car. I believe her as I was watching from atop one of the trailers in the pits. I stayed busier on the radios talking to David the entire race than I ever have. I was just exhausted and I hadnít driven a bit.

We then got a huge break when the next caution came out for a spin. We had made it to fifth, but the leaders had pulled out somewhat from the field. Following the caution David only need one lap to get around the fourth place car and only a few more to get by John Jones for third place. After dispersing of Jones David caught the two leaders in lapped traffic only to unfortunately see the final caution come out. This is what we believe cost David the win, because during the caution Davidís tires lost heat and the two in front was told on their radios that David was coming on strong down low. When the race went back green for the final eight laps those in front began to block the low side.

David brought the car home in the third position behind Green and Johnson after passing over half the field. David, I think stole the show as he drove the wheels off the racecar using the low side as well as the high in his attempt. We also feel that if the race had been 100 laps instead of 75, David would have been collecting the paycheck as both front runnersí cars were going away especially Johnsonís. I donít know how else to say it, David drove a hell of a race and were all very proud of him!!