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One bad night and one good night would sum up last weekendís turn of events. Losing the points lead was not the plan at Sugar Creek on Friday night, and just getting to the racetrack on Saturday night was the plan.

Friday night David returned to Sugar Creek Raceway where he went into the event leading in the points battle by 22 points over Johnny Chastain. We left Friday night in third place down by 18 to Chastain for the lead.

Let me get to the guts of why Friday night was sooooo bad. First of all the rain delayed the racing for way too long and the pits was nothing short of a mudpit.

Let me just say first that David is not a cheater and never has been and we have never ran soft tires. So whatever negativity you hear at the racetrack regarding this matter, I dispute it and will dispute it with anyone. To start things off for qualifying David was told that he had a soft tire on his right rear. According to David your tires are supposed to read around 60, and his RR would only read 52. Chastain, who also had on "American Race Tires" like us was okay, so we should have been to because we had on the same exact tires. Oh well, more on that later.

David would try and regroup before qualifying after having the RR changed and would qualify third. For the start of the event David started along side Kenny Morrow. On the initial start Morrow crowded David into turn one, so David backed out of the throttle. The start was scratched because Chastain slowed in turn four because he got a bad start and got high in turn three. On the next start is where it all went down the tube!! Going into turn one, David was up beside Morrow, but Morrow proceded to move down the track into David. The contact broke Davidís front tie rod and flattened the tire putting us out for the night on a "Double Points Night". With only two or three races left at Sugar Creek, we are going to have to be on top of our game the next few weeks if we want any chance of winning the points battle.

**About the soft tire*** David contacted his tire man from American Race Tires and told him that the racetrack had the bad tire and that he needed to check the tire and clear Davidís name of any rumors. He agreed to do so and told David that he had four other instances this season with that problem, so we know that there has been a problem before us on Friday night.

Saturday we spent all day working on the car trying to fix it from the night before. Hot laps at North Georgia usually start at 6:30, well we didnít leave the shop till 7. We rolled into the pits around 8:30, just in time for qualifying. We didnít think we would make it in time for that. We kind of had a scare concerning Davidís track record (12.86) when Gary McPherson turned a 13.01, giving him the pole. John Jones started second, with David going fourth quickest.

For the feature David had hopes of going for three in a row. The feature went basically uneventful once Jones checked out on the field. Davidís car was just a little bit off for the feature, but we were able to bring the car home third. Not bad after such an awful night of racing on Friday.