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(Chatsworth, GA) – David Payne found his way into victory lane again this past weekend at North Georgia Speedway, but not without a little excitement on the track. “I thought we had really messed up there on that last restart,” explained Payne after the race.

“I didn’t have any rear brakes there at the end and on the restart I drove into the corner and the car wouldn’t turn. I got up over the cushion and that allowed McPherson to get by.” On the final restart Payne made the race a little more exciting when Gary McPherson got by him with eight laps remaining. “I felt like we had the stronger car and I knew that if I just caught back up to him that we would have a shot to get back by him there at the end. I just drove the car harder into the corners and luckily I was able to get the lead back and hang on for the win.”

After nearly a month’s absence, Payne would return to familiar grounds setting fast time with a 13.25 lap, followed by Forest Cate with a 13.41. Starting from the pole position for the 30 lap feature, Payne led the field into turn one. While Payne checked out on the field, Cate began racing hard with Johnny Parris for the second position. Following the events first caution Parris was able to get around Cate and set his sights on Payne who had distanced himself from the field.

Payne’s lead vanished with the event’s next caution coming out for a slowed car on the track. After the restart Parris began to put the pressure on Payne, staying on his bumper for nearly ten laps. Parris’s set-up began to go away on his racecar as he began to fade behind the leader. As Parris’s car got slower, Payne began to check out on the field among the mix of lapped traffic. This sizeable lead would also disappear as the final caution flew with eight laps to go. During this last caution Parris had to pull into the pits as he lost his left-front wheel. This put McPherson behind Payne for the final restart.

As the front duo brought the field into turn one for the restart with eight laps remaining, Payne’s car darted towards the outside wall as he jumped the cushion allowing McPherson to take over the lead. It was later discovered that Payne did indeed lose his rear brakes. Now as the pursuer, Payne provided the most excitement as he drove an exciting eight laps to reclaim what was his, the lead.

For the next four laps, Payne began to drive his racecar deeper and harder into the corners, pulling to within inches of McPherson’s bumper. Payne was now in position to put on the winning pass. As they approached turn three with four laps remaining, Payne bolted to the low side and was in the lead as the duo crossed the finish line. Payne was able to drive away for the final three laps and take home the checkers; finishing out the top five was McPherson, Joey Rolland, Johnny Thomas, and Cate. Payne’s racecar is sponsored by Payne Tire & Racing Supplies, RaceTek Engines, American Race Tires, Cyclone One Products, Pioneer Trusses, Interstate Welding, P&R Log Homes, Gibson’s Vinyl Graphics, Hicks Specialty Welding, Stealth Carburetors, and Tipton’s Custom Cabinets.

Payne went on to point out that he and his race team feel very blessed to have had such a successful run in the month of July. “We have been very blessed, we can’t complain,” expressed Payne. The win made Payne’s fourth win of the month and the team hopes that the recent success spills over into the last half of the season!!