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Following the success of a weekend ago, David and the team competed at Dixie Speedway with the UDTRA Series, and then traveled to Smokey Mtn. Raceway in Whittier, NC to race with the SAS Series on Sunday.

The first night of racing at Dixie Speedway wasn't as successful as we had hoped it to be. With 66 drivers taking to the clock, David would qualify 27. Qualifying was intensely close as over 15 drivers had times between 15.94 and 16.04. Drivers like Rick Eckert & Scott Bloomquist, who are in the top 3 in points, had times of 16.03 & 16.04.

Since qualifying was so close this meant that bascially where you started in the heats, consilation races, and feature is where you finished. The track being one groove didn't help either. Qualifying 27th put David starting fifth in the heat race from which only the top three advanced to the feature. David was able to make up one position on the start and then had to settle for fourth behind Ray Cook in third, one car short.

This put David starting third in the first consilation race where only the first two finishers advanced to the feature. Behind David in his consilation race were some reallly big names like Eckert, Bloomquist, and Freddy Smith. On the first start David was able to get his car under the second place car, but the caution hampered that feat. On the restart, David didn't have as much momentum coming out of turn two to get by the second place car. He stayed glued to the bumper in front of him all 12 laps and once again came up one car short. This meant that being the first car not to make the feature, David was the first alternate. If any car couldn't start the feature David would have a starting position. This rule became a little blurry over the night's events. Before the green flag flew for the feature one car had to be pushed off the track. We thought that this meant we could start the feature, not!! According to the UDTRA officials once your name is introduced in driver introductions on the track you have started the race, we all found that really hard to fathom. A REALLY TOUGH PILL TO SWALLOW!!


Sunday night we went racing at Smokey Mtn. Raceway with the SAS Series. With a total of 30 or so drivers, David would qualify 7th for the feature. During the feature David was able to avoid several wrecks and keep his car straight throughout the first half of the feature. David had advanced to as high as sixth.

Then during the last half of the feature, drivers behind David starting charging towards the front as David's car starting going away. Others starting using the outside groove as David kept his car on the bottom. Then on the final turn, Shane Tankersly, now behind David drove his car deep in the corner where David already had committed his car and drove over the left front of David's car. David showed damage to his car as he crossed the line and was not happy following the race. David explained to Tankersly that he wasn't happy and that he didn't think that he (Shane) had the position. Following this squirmish at the end David would end up eighth.