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(Chatsworth, Ga.) - David Payne recorded his first win of the 2000 season at North Georgia Speedway this past weekend.

"The 2000 racing season has started off quite well for us," explained Payne, a determined racer and school teacher from Murphy. "We've been very pleased with our performances this season. We were just a little off last week, but the car was on a rail tonight."

Among the 19 cars that qualified for the event, Payne would wind up fifth fastest on the field. Once qualifying was completed, Payne and the crew got word that the top six cars from qualifying would be inverted and run a 10 lap Dash. From The Dash the top six cars would establish their starting spots for the feature.

This meant that Payne found himself sitting on the front row for the 10-lap Dash. During the 10-lap Dash, anyone that attended saw a real show. For the entire 10-lap Dash Payne would do battle wheel to wheel with fellow competitors, Jody Summerville, Mike Lee, and Gary McPhearson. Lap after lap Payne carried the left-front wheel in the air, but came up only inches short at the line as both he and Summerville were door to door at the line.

Following the 10-lap Dash Payne then started the feature from the outside pole position. As the cars took the initial green contact was made between Payne and Summerville pushing Payne up the track close to the wall and into the loose stuff. Before the first lap was completed, Payne found himself in the fourth position. He would then fight his way back to the second position and began reeling in leader McPhearson before taking the caution on lap seven.

On the restart, McPhearson tried to get an early jump on the entire field. McPhearson would then procede to try the same tactic again and would fail dearly. Track officials disallowed this stunt as they sent McPhearson to the rear of the field.

Payne then found himself leading the field for the restart. He then pulled out to a sizeable lead as he worked the low groove on the track while three wheeling it around the track. Payne would then go uncontested while leading that rest of the way passing slower traffic three and four wide. Congratulations David!!!

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