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Payne Wins Season Opener 4/05/99

Chatsworth, GA і Uncertainty turned into joyful celebration Saturday night for David Payne as he drove to victory at North Georgia Speedway in the first race of the season. Payne, driver of the Payne Tire Racing Supplies Monte Carlo, led all 30 laps en route to his first win of 1999. "It sure was a big relief to get a win this early on in the season," said Payne. "Last year we waited till August."

Payne was debuting a new GRT racecar that he was uncertain would hold together in its first trip to the track. Also adding skepticism as to the performance of the car was the fact that Payne along with his crew had just installed the motor prior that afternoon. "The first time out with a new car and motor your uneasy as to how the car will perform," said Payne.

Payne started the race from the fourth place position following a sub-par lap of 13.72, the pole was a 13.59. The tables turned drastically on the first lap. The front two leaders got together and crashed into the turn four wall, allowing Payne to take the lead on the first lap. "I saw the crash take place right in front of me," said Payne. "I just backed off the throttle and stayed out of trouble, taking the lead."

Payne stayed out front for the entire race taking the early season win, surpassing all expectations he had considering the circumstances. "I felt like all the hard work paid off," said Payne. "I told everyone that if nothing falls off the car and we bring it back in one piece that we would be happy. The win was just an added bonus."

Adding to the celebration of the Payne Tire Racing Team Saturday night was the fourth place finish of Ronnie Payne, father of David. Ronnie was driving last seasonтs car that he drove to a fourth place after starting sixth. "I had to show everybody that the old man can still drive," said Ronnie.

Next week David and Ronnie can both be found back at North Georgia Speedway, trying to make it two weeks in a row with a Payne in victory lane.

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