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Double Race Action for the weekend-Sugar Creek & Cleveland






Blue Ridge, GA-David Payne pulled off a second place finish after capturing the pole position Friday night at Sugar Creek Raceway. After coming off a win the previous weekend, Payne was pleased.

There were approximately 15 in attendance Friday night for late model action. Payne laid down a lap of 15.19, outpacing the rest of the field by three tenths. The next quickest lap, 15.42, was laid down by Lamar Scoggins. Payne was in his car from last season.

Payne and Scoggins started from the front row, but it was Scoggins outgunning Payne on the first lap. Payne would fall into second place following lap one, as the rest of the race was a one-groove ride till the finish.

A solid second place finish is great to follow up a win. Way to go David!!






Cleveland, TN-David Payne following a second place the previous night, came away from Cleveland Speedway with a fifth place finish Saturday night.

In only the second time out in his new car, Payne took to the dry slick track as the first qualifier out of 27 late models. He turned in a time of 15.31, third quickest of the night. The pole was a 15.27.

Payne found himself on the pole of the third heat, but couldnāt take enough momentum out of turn two to keep the lead. He settled for second in his heat.

The second place finish in his heat, put Payne starting from the sixth position. On lap one, Payne outpaced the fifth place car and took over the fifth position. He would run in the same position throughout the race, as there was only one groove in which to run in and keep your position on the track.

A solid fifth place finish went over well in pits with the Payne Racing Team, as they continue to be pleased with the performance of the new car. KEEP IT UP DAVID!!