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Ronnie Payne

Ronnie, David's father, is the reason for this little hobby within David Payne Racing. He began racing as a teenager and continues to do so today. Ronnie's success through the years, especially the early 1980's, established the Payne presence on and off the racetrack. Ronnie is part car owner as well as crew chief. He also continues to drive on occasion.

Christy R. Payne

David's wife, Christy, is busy taking care of David & Christy's twin daughters and newest addition (5/08) Brinkley Reese. Christy also is a Physical Education instructor and also coaches basketball as well as volleyball.

Rylie & Sydney Payne

Rylie and Sydney have joined the Payne Tire Racing team this season with many plans ahead for the team, along with new sister Brinkley.

Jason (Junior) Allison

Junior as we call him, helps out at the raceshop throughout the week. He lives just up the road from the shop. Jason has been with the team for about 8 years now. He helps with everything and David couldn't make it without him. Jason works with a construction company throughout the week running backhoes, dozers, etc. Thanks Junior!!

Doug Sneed

Doug is another that helps David during the week when he can. Doug along with his father build houses for a living. Doug often travels alot during the week to and from jobsites which limits his time at the shop during the weeks. He does usually joins us at the racetrack on weekends. Doug is married to David's cousin and so that is how he kind of got into racing. He and Dianna have three sons, Ethan, Evan, & Bryson. Thanks Doug!!